Like High Heels? 3 Tips To Give Your Feet Some Relief

20 February 2015
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Although you may like high heels, your feet would be much happier with you if you wore flats instead. Your feet were not designed to stand in the way you have to with high heels on.  If you choose to wear them, however, below are three tips to bring your sore feet some relief.

Soak Them

Purchase some mineral bath salt to soak your feet. Pour some warm water into a tub, and add one cup of the salt. Wait a couple of minutes for it to dissolve, and then soak your feet until the water cools down.

When you put your feet in warm water, the skin pores on your feet dilate, which allows the magnesium to absorb into your skin. Once it is absorbed, it relaxes the muscles, which alleviates the pain. If you still feel pain once the water cools down, empty the water, put fresh warm water and bath salt in the tub and soak them again.

Stretch Your Calf Muscles

Your calf muscles are important for your foot function. Wearing high heels shortens these muscles, and when they becomes tight, they can cause pain in your feet. Consider doing yoga, as it is a great way to stretch these muscles. Yoga instructors can show you the right moves for this purpose.

There are also foot exercises you can do. Lay a piece of cloth on the floor, and then pick it up using your toes.  At the end of the day when you can take your high heels off, sit down in a chair and rotate your ankles clockwise about five times, and then counter-clockwise about five times.

Use Padding

Place some padding, such as a thick band aid, where you feel pain. This gives your feet some relief. If you can, stand on a soft surface, such as a rug, instead of a hard floor, which puts even more pressure on your feet. They also make insoles for high heels that can give your feet a little padding. Make sure to replace them as soon as you notice the padding is going out. They should last you about a week if you wear your high heels every day. Some of the best inserts to purchase are made from gel, which gives you the most cushioning. You can find these inserts at most drug stores.

If you continue to have problems with your feet, you should make an appointment to see a podiatrist like Aiken Maurice W, DPM PA. The doctor will likely ask you to quit wearing high heels, and they can provide you with treatment to help relieve the pain.