Intermittent Pain On Outside Of Ankle? You May Have Peroneal Tendonitis

1 November 2018
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There are many causes of having intermittent pain on the outside of your ankle, also known as lateral foot pain, including peroneal tendonitis. To help you determine what is wrong you need to see a foot and ankle specialist. This type of doctor specializes in this type of problem, as well as many other foot and ankle problems. To help you, below is more information about peroneal tendonitis, as well as the treatment options you have. Read More 

Common Reasons For Foot Pain

18 June 2018
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People often look at foot pain as a minor problem until they experience it. When your feet are uncomfortable, everyday tasks like walking become straining and painful. If you are experiencing foot pain, getting to the bottom of the problem should be your main priority. Continue reading to learn some of the common reasons for foot pain. Shoe Choices The shoes you're wearing could be the reason for your foot pain. Read More