Common Reasons For Foot Pain

18 June 2018
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People often look at foot pain as a minor problem until they experience it. When your feet are uncomfortable, everyday tasks like walking become straining and painful. If you are experiencing foot pain, getting to the bottom of the problem should be your main priority. Continue reading to learn some of the common reasons for foot pain.

Shoe Choices

The shoes you're wearing could be the reason for your foot pain. Shoes should not just be a fashion statement; they should also be chosen based on support. Consider flip-flops, for instance. If you wear flip-flops every day, your feet likely aren't getting the support they need. The lack of support could cause issues with your arch and other areas of your foot that could lead to pain and discomfort. Always wear shoes with good support. 


Arthritis can also lead to pain in the foot. While people often think about the condition in terms of its effect on your knees and wrists, arthritis can affect your bones, and it makes no distinction between the bones in your arm or the bones in your feet. If you don't have a history of arthritis, a medical provider can perform a test to determine if you have the condition and provide you with a long-term treatment solution to ease the discomfort. 


Exercise is an excellent tool for staying healthy, but there is a right way to exercise. In addition to wearing the right type of shoes, you also want to ensure that you are stretching before you exercise, especially if you're running. When you fail to stretch before any strenuous activity, you increase your risk for a sprain or pulling a muscle. Give your body plenty of time to warm up before you start exercising vigorously. 


Inflammation around your foot can also lead to discomfort. Inflammation is often a hard condition to deal with because it can come from a variety of different causes, including plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes your plantar fascia, a ligament that travels from your toe to the heel, to become inflamed. Athletes often develop this condition, as well as people who often wear ill-fitting shoes. Surgery and shoe inserts are commonly used to treat the condition.  

Foot pain can occur for a number of different reasons, and the problem might seem like it's one thing but be something entirely different. It's vital that you visit a physician at a clinic like Advanced Foot Clinic so that you can be appropriately diagnosed and treated.