What Should Patients Know About Custom Orthotics?

23 May 2022
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Foot pain can make it difficult to enjoy the activities you love. Running, playing sports, and even walking can be challenging for people with chronic foot and ankle problems. Fortunately, people can overcome their foot and ankle pain with the help of custom orthotics. Here are some things patients should know about custom orthotics:

1. A podiatrist may prescribe orthotics.

When you're experiencing ongoing foot and ankle problems, a visit to the podiatrist can help. Podiatrists specialize in helping people achieve healthy, comfortable feet. Podiatrists often prescribe orthotics to people experiencing pain and discomfort due to mechanical issues affecting the muscles, bones, and joints of the lower extremities. Your podiatrist may be able to create custom orthotics for you, or they may refer you to an orthotics provider to get the help you need

2. Custom orthotics are perfectly fitted to your feet.

Orthotics aren't shoes. Rather, they are small inserts designed to fit into shoes you already own. Orthotics can be soft or firm, depending on your needs. While you can find generic shoe inserts in stores, they won't be as beneficial as orthotics custom-fitted to your feet. When you have custom orthotics made, a specialist will measure your feet and take impressions of them. These specialists will then use this information to design orthotics that will not only fit perfectly but will also support your feet in the ways that they need.

3. Custom orthotics can reduce foot pain.

Custom orthotics are a viable long-term solution for chronic foot and ankle pain. Rather than treating the symptoms of pain after it arises, custom orthotics strive to help you avoid pain before it starts. Wearing custom orthotics can adjust your gait to help you put pressure on the correct parts of your feet when you walk. Custom orthotics can also provide additional support for people who need it due to flat feet or other structural anomalies.

4. You may experience fewer injuries when using custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics may also help you avoid injuries to your feet and ankles. Walking improperly or in shoes that are not supportive can cause many issues, such as tendonitis and pressure sores. Custom orthotics can serve as a reminder to use good form when walking and running. This can allow chronic injuries to heal so you can avoid reinjuring your feet and ankles in the future. Custom orthotics may be used as part of a treatment plan that also includes physical therapy and other forms of pain management.

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