Feet Hurt When You Run? What You Should Do

2 May 2023
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Running is something that should help you get healthier, so if you are running and you are feeling pain in your feet, it's something you need to take notice of. Running can be hard on the body, so you need to be prepared for some changes and you need to make some changes of your own to help prevent pain or injury, such as stretching before you go for a run or resting your body in between runs. Your feet are no exception to this. You need to pay close attention to your feet and any changes that occur after you run need to be addressed. If you are feeling pain in your feet, there are a few things you can do to help them heal and changes you can make to prevent future pain or issues.

Change Your Footwear

The shoes that you wear on your run may not be the shoes that are best for your feet. You should change out your footwear and wear something more comfortable and that may help in your running abilities. Wearing the right footwear can improve your gait and help with your stride as well. Discuss your footwear with your podiatrist and make any necessary changes to the shoes that you wear on your run. If your feet slide, for instance, or your toes are squished, you could end up with blisters on your feet, or your toenails could bruise and eventually fall off. Your shoes should provide comfort and should never cause you any pain.

Adjust Your Gait

Your gait and how you run — or the way your feet move — may be causing the foot pain that you are feeling. You should discuss your running gait with your podiatrist to help get this adjusted and to prevent any future pain or injury. If your feet turn in, you may need to do some different types of physical therapy to address this. If your feet aren't giving you a lot of movement, you may feel pain in your ankles, or you could end up with shin splints. Adjusting your gait can help with this.

If you have pain in your feet after running, there are things you can do to help prevent future pain and to alleviate the pain that you are already feeling. Talk to your podiatrist about running, the pain that you are experiencing, and what else you can do about it.